How it Works

The Bearing Bulldog is designed to remove hub assemblies and outer hubs on pressed in bearings. It works with most 4, 5, & 6 wheel stud configurations. A larger 8 stud hub is also available by special order.

- Ensure vehicle is as low to the ground as possible. Never raise the vehicle
- Always wear approved eye protection that meets CSA safety standards
- It is recommended that ear protection is worn
- Always ensure two hands are used while sliding the hammer weight
- Always ensure the multi-stud hub is affixed to the wheel studs and nuts are tightened with a lug wrench.

Step 1

While separated from the bearing removal tool, position the multi-stud hub onto the wheel studs.

(sketch 1-3)

Step 2

Affix the proper lug nuts to the wheel studs and tighten with a proper lug nut wrench or pneumatic tool . This is important to ensure proper force and weight transfer. (Sketch 4)

Step 3

Affix the threaded end of the shaft to the multi-stud hub. Ensure shaft is fully engage into the threaded hole of hub.

Step 4

Once the Bearing Bulldog is affixed to the wheel studs on the bearing assembly, with both hands, slide the weight all the way forward towards the hub

Step 5

With both hands on the handles and starting off lightly, slide the weight in a back-wards motion with ample speed and velocity. Increase force as need until assembly begins to come free.