Note: pricing in Canadian dollars.

The $599CAD is approx $465US


2020 Pricing for a limited time

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Unsurpassed Quality

All components and materials are from and made in North America by some of the highest skilled trades people in the industry.  By utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques such as CAD/CAM and high speed CNC machining, the highest level of quality control can be maintained.

This choice to manufacture here in North America, as opposed to offshore, ensures the highest quality and customer service.  We take great pride in being a domestic manufacturer and maintaining a strong bond with our customers.




also available at:​

Bay Auto & Truck Parts Ltd.

90 Anne Street South, Unit 180

Barrie, Ontario

L4N 2E3

705 728-0737

FREE Shipping

The Bearing Bulldog is shipped via courier.  Shipping times vary between 2 and 5 business days.

The product is shipped in an extra strong, double walled, corrugated box.

The total shipping weight is 31lbs or 14Kg