Tom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC; Midland, Ontario

"Great Tool, saves time.  We have used it daily since we purchased it"

Mike Jackson GM; Collingwood, Ontario

"the tool allows us to pull the assembly straight out without damaging the inside diameter"

Paul Watson Shell & Service Centre; Penetanguishene, Ontario

"A mans Tool! Not a Toy".

L&S Repair Service Ltd.; Stayner, Ontario

"We bought the bearing Bulldog.  It's a great time saver"

Redline Car & Truck Service; Midland, Ontario

"Finally, who was the genius? what took you so long?"

Blue Mountain Chryser; Collingwood, Ontario

"this has allowed us to stop using air chisels and torches which has always been a safety concern."

Bourgeois Ford; Midland, Ontario

"our flat rate techs work faster and make more money and I can push through more customers."

Midas Midland; Midland, Ontario

"we love the tool and eventually bought the 8 stud adapter.  It has saved time and money and now I don't have to buy replacement baking plates."

Craighurst Autopro; Craighurst, Ontario

"has made our job a lot easier"

Marc's Auto Repair & Tire Ltd.; Midland, Ontario

"we have both adapters, works great, use it all the time."

Koppenol's Automotive Repair; Wyebridge, Ontario

"a great idea that solves a problem."

Hanna Ford; Stayner and Collingwood

"we are very happy with the Bearing Bulldog.  We strongly recommend this product."